One of the most popular locations in Red River Gorge is the famous Creation Falls in Wolfe County. The cool water and shaded easy hiking path make it a destination for any family with young kids. Pro tip, pack extra clothes or a swimsuit as children always find their way across the sandstone beach into the clear water. They will also get to see Rock Bridge Arch that spans over top of the entire creek just around the corner from the falls.

Creation Falls is located on an almost 1.5 mile hiking loop on Rock Bridge Trail. You’ll find it on the RRG Hiking Map in the bottom right-hand corner. To get to Rock Bridge Trail, exit at Slade and take KY15 towards Campton to KY715 to Rock Bridge Trail Road.

For the shortest route, make sure to stay on the clearly marked Rock Bridge Trail loop. Near Rock Bridge Arch, you can venture out on to Swift Camp Creek Trail. There’s plenty to see there, but it’s part of the Clifty Wilderness and involves several miles of backpacking trails. If you decide to be extra adventurous though, take a good GPS device or GPS mapping app such as GAIA GPS.

Overall, have fun and enjoy your day exploring Red River Gorge!