Red River Gorge Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, Red River Gorge in Kentucky becomes a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers looking to bask in the beauty of autumn. While many people associate this holiday with feasting indoors, Red River Gorge offers a unique opportunity to celebrate amidst breathtaking natural surroundings. Gather your loved ones and head to Hemlock Lodge at Natural Bridge State Resort Park for a full Thanksgiving dinner. Surrounded by the majestic cliffs and vibrant foliage of the gorge, you can savor traditional Thanksgiving fare while soaking in the awe-inspiring scenery.

The experience of sharing a meal at Red River Gorge goes beyond just satisfying your appetite; it’s about connecting with nature and appreciating the bountiful gifts it provides. The crisp fall air, rustling leaves, and sense of tranquility all contribute to an unforgettable atmosphere that makes this Thanksgiving truly special. Take some time to explore the trails or simply relax among the towering trees—there’s no better way to build up an appetite before indulging in a hearty feast at Hemlock Lodge or getting some outdoor exercise the day after.

Stay the entire weekend with family and friends. Rooms fill up fast at the Hemlock Lodge, but we suggest for an even better, more immersive nature experience, book a cabin in the area of Red River Gorge. There are many places to reserve. Check out our lodging page here: For large groups and extended families, we suggest larger cabins like the 4-6 bedrooms with Scenic Cabin Rentals. You can check out their 5-bedroom rentals on this page:

We hope to see you! Celebrating Thanksgiving in Red River Gorge will leave you feeling grateful for this remarkable corner of Kentucky.