Winter at the Red River Gorge

Winter is a wonderful time of year to visit Red River Gorge. While many people plan their trips in the spring, summer, and fall, there are some great reasons to visit Red River Gorge during one of the cold winter months. When the temperatures drop and the crowds leave, Slade transforms into a quaint little trail town full of southern hospitality and great opportunities to enjoy the wonders of the Kentucky hills in a peaceful environment. Here are just 5 of our top ideas for fun winter weather activities in Red River Gorge!

Take a Scenic Drive

Nada Tunnel in Winter
A wonderful way to experience the beauty of Red River Gorge is with a scenic drive. Starting out on Nada Tunnel road you can wind your way through Daniel Boone National Forest and on to Sky Bridge road. Along the way, you will pass through Nada Tunnel and see a multitude of arches that are normally hidden from view in the warmer months. Pack some snacks, drinks, a jacket, and camera for when you want to hop out for a bit.

Go Hiking

Winter Hiking in Red River Gorge
The Daniel Boone National Forest provides more than 600 miles of trail. The Red River Gorge is a uniquely scenic area in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Unlike the warmer months, winter offers solitude while hiking. The peace and serenity that you experience while hiking in nature without an interruption are worth braving the cold. Often times the only tracks you will see in the snow are those of the local wildlife. Get off Instagram, and see the frozen waterfalls of Red River Gorge for yourself this winter.

Relax by the Fire in Your Cabin

Red River Gorge Cabin
Maybe you’re not looking for an outdoor adventure. Instead, you might be looking for a nice relaxing evening by the fire. Spending a few days in a Red River Gorge cabin can help you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect to nature. It’s no wonder why renting a cabin is one of the top winter things to do in the Gorge. The breathtaking views are even more beautiful when the trees are blanketed with snow and icicles shine in the sun. Relaxing with your family by the fire is an awesome way to spend your winter vacation.

Zipline Canopy Tour

Red River Gorge Zipline
Open year-round, Red River Gorge Zipline offers a unique and exhilarating way to experience Daniel Boone National Forest. Established in 2011, Red River Gorge Zipline offers five lines ranging from a few hundred to over 1,900 feet in length. Participants wear a harness that is attached to the zipline and travel through trees and across the Gorge.

Enjoy Food, Live Music, and Trivia

Red River Gorge Food
Only a handful of restaurants in the area stay open during the winter season. One of those is Sky Bridge Station. They have 12 local beers on tap along with gourmet hot dogs and quesadillas. While warming up from your Red River Gorge adventure, you can eat a delicious quesadilla and enjoy live music or even play trivia. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for winter event updates and specials.